Powder painting

With our new horizontal painting process we are able to solve the powder painting of aluminium profiles. The surface treatment begins with a 9 phase immersion in a passivating bath. The profiles are coated with a passive green chromate layer which creates a very strong coat on the surface of aluminium against corrosion. We control and monitor the process of surface treatment in a high-quality laboratory of ours in accordance with requirements of qualifier institutions. For the passive coat that evolves during the process of passivation, the supplier guarantees a 1500 hours salt spray test which means at least 10 years of corrosion
resistance of the coat. 

The configuration of Swiss made GEMA cabins with their extra modern 
(spraying) guns offer a perfect combination of high productivity and perfect painted surface. 

The finishing process happens in a special oven, where as a result of 
the high temperature the powder lacquer solidifies to the surface. This machine which works with a quality automatic ventilation is tuned within totally precise quality borders. Thanks to this it satisfies all demands and needs. We always carry out and document the adhesional features and the mechanical properties of the painting on workpieces. In addition, it is confirmed by a quality certificate. 

We work with acclaimed international suppliers such as Tiger, Akzo Nobel 
or Dupont, that guarantees the perfect and unimpeachable quality of painting.
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